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Which Birth Center Do We Deliver

Birth Center

The Birth Center of New Jersey in Union

Address: 1945 U.S. 22 West, Union, NJ 07083


The Birth Center of New Jersey in Union prides themselves on being a client-centered birth center, with a particular focus on generalized joy, and view labor and birth as healthy, safe and transformative process. The staff is highly educated on the process and encouragement of physiological labor and birth and really encourage clients to have self-determination in the care they receive. The staff is passionate and determined to provider a highly personal experience that is also safe. Similarly to the other birth center above, most clients are admitted when they are in "active labor" around 5-6 cm, and one of our midwives will be with you from this point forward. The Birth Center also provides access to hydrotherapy through both showers and tubs. It also provides and promotes the use of inhalants (i.e., nitrous oxide), massage, homeopathics, and interaction with others when desired by the birthing person. In the unlikely event of an emergency, the staff at the Birth Center is highly qualified to effectively initiate emergency treatments. The Birth Center is equipped with equipment needed to initiate treatment and is located just minutes from Overlook Medical Center, and has an agreement with the local ambulance company for immediate transport. Given that all goes well, most mothers stay for about 4 hours postpartum and then get to home to enjoy their new baby. Once you are home, a birth center professional will contact you within 24-48 hours to check on you and the baby. This way you can get the rest you need, time to bond with your new baby, and the health and wellbeing of you and your baby continues to be monitored. Your baby should be seen by a pediatric care provider within the first 72 hours. Overall, birthing at The Birth Center is an incredible, client-centered, experience. More information can be found on their website and the midwives and practitioners at Holistic OBGYN are happy to discuss more about this option for birth at any appointment!


Our Birthing Center in Morristown

Address:  25 Lindsley Dr., Morristown, NJ 07960


Our Birthing Center in Morristown places a major focus on the "wellness" model of birth as a free-standing birth center. They provide a specific alternative to both hospital and home birth by providing a safe space for birth in a spa-like setting. This birth center is intended for when that are considered low-risk and therefore have no real "need" to birth in a hospital setting. The staff there is specially trained in promoting the natural physiological process of birth through safe, comforting, drug and intervention free care. This includes laboring and delivering, if desired, in the tub, as well as things such as intermittment monitoring of the fetal heart rate. Generally, people are not admitted to the birth center until they are in "active labor", which is usally around 5-6 cm dilated, and one of our midwives will be with you from this point forward. They do offer Nitrous Oxide for pain management, and if deemed safe and appropriate by your midwife, you are welcome to use. People who birth at Our Birthing Center are encouraged and assisted in moving around, trying different positions for labor and birth, using tubs and showers, and eating and drinking without much (if any) restriction. In the case of emergency (which you can read more specifically about on their website), emergeny transfer is to Morristown Medical Center for collaborative or physician management. Morristown Medical Center is located less than 2 miles away; the drive there takes about 7 minutes. Many times your midwife will come with you to ensure continuity of care, and staff the birth center is fully trained to triage and initiate emergency care and transfer for both you and your newborn (if applicable). Barring that all goes well and you deliver in the birth center, you are only typically there for a postparutm period of 4-6 hours, allowing enough time to ensure you and baby are doing well. This encourages you to go home in a space in which you feel safe and really start bonding with your newborn and recovering or even sleeping. Additionally, they are able to provide a Postpartum nurse that can come and visit you approximately 24-48 hrs after delivery. This nurse will be able to assist with all postpartum and lactation concerns or questions, as well as perform the critical early newborn screenings. Overall, this is an excellent setting for low risk birthing people and their families. More information can be found on their website and the midwives and practitioners at Holistic OBGYN are happy to discuss more about this option for birth at any appointment!

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