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Recovering from a C-Section: What to Expect

If you’re having a Cesarean section or may have one, know this: The procedure is extremely common. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost one-third of American babies are delivered via Cesarean section.

A Cesarean section, also called a C-section, is a significant abdominal operation that requires lots of care and rest following the procedure. At Holistic OB/GYN & Midwifery in Passaic Park and Ridgewood, New Jersey, our team provides gentle and compassionate care for all birthing needs. In this blog, we discuss what’s involved in a C-section and what you can expect when recovering at home.

What is a C-section?

With a C-Section, your provider makes an incision in your abdomen and uterus and delivers your baby. A C-Section is usually performed if requested by the mother or if the provider believes giving birth naturally would be impossible or high-risk.

After the surgery, you and your baby will likely stay in the hospital for about three days. Once the anesthesia has worn off, you’ll be encouraged to stand up and walk around to prevent unpleasant side effects, such as constipation and blood clots.

Recovering at home

Our specialist will give you plenty of support and detailed instructions on how to recover from a C-section at home. Along with support and guidance from our providers, here are some basic recovery guidelines to help you understand what to expect as you heal.

Get plenty of rest

You should stay in bed for the first few days at home to allow the wound to close. It can take up to six weeks for your body to completely heal. Along with resting, you should stay hydrated. Furthermore, you should avoid sex until your doctor gives you the all-clear, which is usually in 4-6 weeks. Try to get as much help as you can from family and friends so you can focus on recuperating.

Limit movement

Try to limit activities that will make your abdominal muscles tense up. In short, don’t try picking up or moving anything heavier than your baby. And if you have to sneeze or cough, hold a pillow over your belly to protect the incision site. 

Take walks

Once you’ve had a few days of rest, try to take gentle walks during the day. This kind of mild exercise will help prevent blood clots and constipation and also help accelerate your healing. Plus, being outside in the sunshine and fresh air will help your mental and emotional health.

Seek help

If you feel like walking in the sunshine isn’t making you feel better, or if you’re having severe mood swings, call us right away. Additionally, if you experience fever, pain urinating, or signs of infection around the incision site, let us know immediately.

Do you have questions about getting a C-section or recovering from one? We can help. To learn more, book an appointment online or over the phone with Holistic OB/GYN & Midwifery today.

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