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Can I Have a Vaginal Birth After a Cesarean Section?

Mothers who have already given birth through a Cesarean section (C-section) often hear that they won’t be able to give birth vaginally. However, the truth is that many women who experience C-sections go on to give birth vaginally. This is called vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC)

At Holistic OB/GYN & Midwifery, our team of compassionate specialists offer many options for mothers who want to deliver as naturally as possible. If you wish to experience a VBAC, the odds are in your favor. In fact, 60-80% of women who try VBAC are successful in having their baby vaginally.

So, contrary to popular myths, you can have a vaginal birth after a C-section. If you hope to experience a vaginal birth, it’s possible if you’re a suitable candidate. 

The benefits of a VBAC

A successful VBAC can give your body a jump start in the recovery process. A major benefit of natural birth is that there’s no surgery involved. Because there’s no surgery, you’ll have a lower risk of infection and less blood loss. Plus, the recovery from a VBAC is usually much shorter than with a C-section.

It’s also possible that a VBAC can help prevent future issues, such as a bladder or bowel injury. And delivering a child vaginally can also help prevent problems with the placenta in future pregnancies. Furthermore, with a VBAC, you’ll likely be able to go home with your little one more quickly.

Am I a candidate for a VBAC?

This is a question to discuss in detail with our midwives to ensure your medical possibilities are in line with your wishes and ideas. Our caring and patient specialists are here for you, and we’ll discuss the risks and benefits of a VBAC.

In general, you’re a good candidate if you’ve had a prior vaginal delivery. Having at least one vaginal delivery before or after a C-section improves the probability of a successful VBAC. Beyond that, there are some other things to consider before deciding if a VBAC is right for you, including the following:

Previous C-sections

Is your previous C-section scar vertical, or does it go from side to side, which is called a transverse cut? If your C-section scar is vertical, you’re not a suitable candidate for a VBAC. The risk of a rupture during birth is too high to consider a vaginal birth.

Health conditions

A VBAC is not a good option if you’ve had a uterine rupture or certain types of surgery on your uterus. It’s also not safe if you have diabetes, genital herpes, or heart disease, among other health conditions. 

Other factors

Additionally, if you’ve had two or more previous C-sections, a VBAC probably isn’t right for you. Other factors that may not make you a candidate for a VBAC include:

Having a VBAC

If you want to have a VBAC, you’ll need to deliver in a hospital for the safety and health of you and your baby. If the VBAC doesn’t go as planned, you’ll be in a facility that can accommodate emergency C-sections. 

No matter what happens — whether you give birth vaginally or through a C-section — our caring providers at Holistic OB/GYN & Midwifery will be with you every step of the way. If you’re considering a VBAC, we want to help you and discuss your options. To learn more, book an appointment online or over the phone with Holistic OB/GYN & Midwifery today. We also accept telehealth appointments.

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